For Coaches

Football Coach Opportunities

Football coach jobs can be hard to come by but at Soccer20skills football coaches are needed to spread our wonderful football skills coaching programme.

We want football coaches at all levels to join our football coaching opportunity that can generate you a full or part time income, gain valuable experience, do what you love and gain the interest of professional clubs.

Read more about the Soccer20skills programme and you’ll quickly see how it will make the kids you coach stand out from the crowd. We’ve numerous success stories of these kids joining professional clubs - the opportunities for the football coach who developed them will always be huge.

How does it work?

Soccer20skills allows one coach (or coaching team/club) per geographic area have access to our programme. This puts you at a distinct advantage locally, allowing you to offer the unique 20 points, multi-discipline S20 technical skills programme when nobody else can.

The S20 programme is a full suite of youth football coaching drills that guides you through the entire process for every child, whatever their levels. Review, coach, score, develop; the Soccer20skills programme will both broaden your technical skill at coaching kid’s football and provide a unique new approach.

What’s in it for me?

Running the most popular soccer school coaching sessions in your town, nightly and at weekends, across all school age ranges gives you an amazing opportunity to earn substantial subscriptions from each child that comes on board.

For example, 100 children coached across 3 nights and 2 weekend sessions at £5 per week = £500 per week with room for even more revenue from birthday parties and special events - not to mention school holidays!

In the background S20 retain an active marketing plan to create brand awareness for our S20 partners including significant online marketing of your soccer schools, email and SMS marketing to prospective students and an active social media presence that promotes directly to youths in your area.

How do I find out more?

Easy, simply contact us to have an informal, no obligation chat about the Soccer20skills football coaching careers opportunity with a member of the team.