Code of Conduct & Conditions of Attendance/Membership

In order to make the most of your experience with Soccer20, we need you to take special notice of the following rules:

  1. ARRIVE at least 10 minutes early for registration.
  2. CLEAN your kit (clothing and footwear) in preparation for each session and take pride in being a member of Soccer20. Shin pads must be worn at all times.
  3. LISTEN carefully to your coaches. They will also tell you all about the health and safety rules and regulations. They are there to help you develop as a person and a player.
  4. RESPECT others and your surroundings at all times. Anti bullying Policy Final
  5. BRING suitable clothing and footwear to all sessions (both football boots and training shoes). Bring your own refreshments as drinks are not provided by Soccer20.
  6. CARRY with you any medication you might need to use during a session (e.g. an inhaler) at all times.

Soccer20 Coaching Staff

All Soccer20 coaches are police checked and covered by Public Liability (Details available upon request from your provider).

Payment and Conditions of Attendance

Payment is set up in accordance with your designated provider as this may vary from venue to venue.
Sessions are generally paid in 4 weekly in blocks with payment on week 1 or as agreed with your designated S20 provider.
Standing order and block payments are requested by some providers (please check with the S20 provider before setting up your membership).
Where sessions are cancelled by S20 (i.e. due to weather), no fee is incurred to the member. Refund is in accordance with your provider.
When S20 is closed (i.e. during school holidays) no fees are incurred (please check with the S20 provider before setting up your membership).
S20 appreciate members may have commitments i.e. school, football team, holidays etc. Fees are still applicable for non attendance.
Outstanding fees will be carried over. Discretion is allowed by S20 Providers. Please note that overpayment of fees due to non-attendance will NOT be refunded. It is the responsibility of the payer to cancel any relevant standing order or direct debit.

Spectator or Parent Code of Conduct-

  • Remember that children participate in sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • we operate a NO Smoking policy beside the football pitches
  • Remember that children learn best by example.If you are relaxed and happy your child will be.
  • Do not use foul language or harass players,coaches or parents.Remember ...Monkey see,Monkey do
  • Encourage your child to shake hands with coaches and Soccer20 staff, fellow players before and after training. This promotes our respect skills.
  • Do not coach or communicate whilst watching.If you and the coach are talking it may confuse your child.Is their time to shine.
  • Children play for fun,winning is a bonus,there are no prizes for winning. Developing as a player and a person is the goal. are very important in creating the right environment when attending our courses. That's what makes Soccer20skills a special place for your child.


Where a refund is requested, this will only be paid up a maximum of 8 weeks from cancelled session date.

This is an annual fee and will be taken on a yearly basis. If you require to stop the annual fee, you must do this yourself via Paypal. 
If for whatever reason your S20 provider ceases to operate in a particular area then your membership will continue. You will need to find an alternative venue using the ‘Find a Venue’ option on the website. Soccer20skills members will then advise that the membership key needs to be transferred to the said provider to link up, where this is applicable.
Where an alternative provider cannot be found, the system can still be accessed for videos etc, but no marking up of players will take place.
There is a 14 day cooling off period for annual memberships after sign up. After this date, NO refunds to memberships will be issued. If your child leaves Soccer20skills,its the payer's responsibility to cancel any reoccurring payments via PayPal or standing order. Late payments for membership will incur additional monthly costs until balance is settled.



Medical and Publicity Conditions limited cannot be liable for any personal loss or injury which the above named applicant may sustain while attending the coaching course.
In the event that my son/daughter/myself is injured while attending the course and I cannot be contacted, I/we give my consent to my child to receive medical attention.
I give consent that photographs and video footage taken by limited can be used for publicity purposes without further notification or consent.

Consent Statement/Declaration

I the parent/guardian/the player of the child/adult above have read and agree to the Code of Conduct & Conditions of Attendance, Payment and Conditions of Attendance, Medical and Publicity Conditions. I understand the limited is not liable for any personal loss or injury which the above, or any spectators accompanying them may sustain while attending limited. I understand that the above named person must behave responsibly at all time and to obey rules and instructions given by staff in charge.

I understand that some rest breaks are not supervised by limited or named provider and I am happy my child to use the facilities alone.
Please be aware that premises may be used by other service users.