S20 Gateshead Returns!

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year,

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and ready for the New Year at S20. The coaches have been busy over the Christmas period developing new session plans for your child.

The 7pm - 8.30pm group will continue to have 1-1 coaching with the brilliant new benches, as the results have been tremendous.

We notified you in November 18 that due to increasing business costs we have been left with no option than to increase your child’s session cost at S20 for the 7pm - 8.30pm group. We have tried to keep this as low as possible over the years. The monthly fee of £19.34 with change to £22.50, a small increase of £3.14 per month for an hour and a half training session. This will start in January 2019 and only applies to 7pm-8.30pm groups. Can we ask you to change your standing order starting from 20th January 2019.

If you have more than 1 player attending S20 you will received a text with the new costs, if this not the case please speak to the team on the front desk on your child's next session.

With the weather changing its important everyone wraps up well. Layers are always the better option.

Thank you for your support with us and as always looking to provide the best coaching programme for your child.

If you have any problems with this please come back us.

Kind Regards
S20 Team


Its games week starting 7th January!