All Soccer 20 Sessions.

Good Evening S20 Parents/Carers/Guardians.

3D Leisure who operate out of Cardinal Hume School have been keeping Soccer20 updated with the latest Covid 19 situation. We appreciate there has been a slight delay as we were only fully updated on the facilities decision yesterday, Friday 20th March 2020. They have informed us that all Soccer20 sessions will now be cancelled until further notice, which will come as no surprise given the current situation.

With regards to payments, all March payments should have now been received by us. Can we ask that you cancel all future payments with your bank (S20 cannot cancel on your behalf) if you decide not to take the necessary action to cancel payments, we will be unable to refund you after April 30th 2020.

We will miss you all during the closure but understand that this is being done for the greater good of the population. Stay safe, follow guidelines and advice.

Soccer20 will update you when to re-start training and your payments once we receive go-ahead from 3D Leisure. Please visit the Soccer20 news- for all the latest updates and use the online platform to practice the moves with your child.

Thank you from all the Team