About Us

Soccer20skills is a unique football award skills based learning coaching programme, focused on player development across all skill levels. Created by ex-professionals, Soccer20skills has been developed after years of research at academy clubs across Europe.

It provides players of all ages with professional coaching at accessible prices – allowing them to develop as better footballers and individuals. The S20 programme focuses on:

  • technical and tactical skill
  • physical development
  • psychological skills
  • social skills

Broken down into 20 easy to follow modules, Soccer20skills is fast becoming the benchmark to player off/online learning development training programme; one of the few that can be adopted from a very young age and through into adulthood.

Much like a musician cannot play in an orchestra until they have mastery of their instrument, a footballer won’t be effective in a competitive game until they have the necessary technical skill at their feet. Soccer20skills provides this training to help you master the ball, know how and when to use it and how to work as part of a team.

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