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We help grassroots football clubs generate revenue via the Soccer20skills platform. The online system develops players of all levels with videos & monitoring system & player performance and player E cards. Try it today for your club, contact us now!

Featuring expertly crafted, easy to follow online videos compiled by ex-pros, Soccer20skills harnesses what makes the greatest players great and puts it at your feet for the first time. Players can practice, master and progress through increasingly greater skill manoeuvres. Players can be graded in real game situations.

A unique football award skills based learning coaching programme for ages and abilities 5-12 years

The Soccer20skills programme is developed to preserve your child’s goals of becoming the best player they can be – while ensuring that the game we all love remains fun – with positive benefits of social interaction, fitness and healthy discipline. Soccer20skills provides the tools for your child to stand out from the crowd both on and off the pitch – with a range of transferable skills and abilities whether clubs come calling or not.

In education children follow a national curriculum which is designed to provide the necessary skills for future careers. In football this doesn’t happen – one coaches methods being wildly different to another. Soccer20skills believe there needs to be a consistent programme which is followed by everyone.

Coaches and parents have excellent qualities and attributes, wanting the very best for the children during their time together. Unfortunately technical abilities are not generally high on this agenda, particularly in the UK game. Soccer20skills seeks to provide an easy to follow shortcut to this technical football skill training and is easy to follow for amateur coaches and parents alike.

Soccer20skills Training Programme

The Soccer20skills football coaching programme focuses on bringing players of all abilities accessible technical coaching focused on ball mastery and in-game knowledge.

Alongside that, we also focus on teaching a number of key values, beliefs and player cultures that you can read about below:

Soccer20skills- What we coach

  • Ball mastery
  • Improved decision making
  • Development of all abilities
  • Focus on player development
  • Fun and motivation
  • Game related games
  • Ball retention
  • Improved game awareness
  • Confidence on the ball in all areas
  • RPO Philosophy
  • Development of game intelligence

Soccer20skills- Key Values and Beliefs

  • Be approachable
  • Create the best learning environment
  • Development as a long term approach
  • Encouragement
  • Honesty
  • Respect for all – shake hands with everyone before and after each session
  • Be courteous and polite
  • Help members to become better players and people

Soccer20skills- Player Culture

  • Become the best they can be
  • Become soccer technicians
  • Encourage creativity and risk taking in all areas
  • Discipline – S20 ‘Skills for Life’ programme
  • Have character
  • No fear in possession
  • Do not categorise players
  • Relaxed environment
  • Praise; praise; praise