Player Analysis Guide

STEP 1 – Familiarise yourself with the Player Analysis Sheet

Download and print out a Player Analysis Sheet.

The first part of the sheet should be self explanatory – complete the Players Name down to Age Range as appropriate.

Player positions:

You now need to become familiar with the movements shown within the menu sub-pages of this section (e.g. Right foot pass, Assist etc). After memorising these, you’re ready to carry out your first match analysis.

STEP 2 – Data collection and entry online

When you have completed a paper copy of your Player Analysis Sheet at the match or training session (S20 Analysis Sheet completed sample), login and go to the ‘My Players‘ tab’ locate the player and click on ‘Add new report’.

Transfer your data into the online version of the Match Analysis Form (remember to type in the numerical value e.g. three strikes = 3 etc) and click ‘Save changes’.

STEP 3 – Player analysis (report and chart generation)

Return to the ‘My Players‘ tab and click on ‘View Reports’ (only visible after 1 match has been entered – this will launch a new screen) then ‘Analyse’. This will then automatically initiate a series of formulas and generate a match report of your player.

Once again, return to your ‘My Players‘ tab, and you can now see ‘View Charts’ (only visible after 1 match has been entered and analysed – this will launch a new screen). This will present the match report data in graph form.

After you have entered a number of match reports (no limit), you will be able to quickly view a players progress by a graphical representation of results, an upward curve showing progress. (You can toggle the data on/off by selecting e.g. ‘Shooting’ and zoom into specific time periods by dragging and dropping your mouse cursor over the desired area.


Remember – this is a teaching tool and should be used to positively reinforce football training with your players.