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Feedback from the S20 family, “why join Soccer20skills”

“My child like many other football mad kids has a dream to become a professional footballer.  He has played football for local club teams and whilst doing this was also introduced to a Brazilian form of 5 a-side football.  He was taught all of the skills and tricks that Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are seen to perform on a football pitch. Although he could perform these skills, they were never evident or being performed in a game.   We than became aware of, and joined the Academy, who have transformed his game completely. With a combination of his own hard work and with excellent guidance and coaching from the Academy, he has further developed.  His efforts are now very evident in his game and are being recognised by professional football clubs. Academy really has put the world at my childs feet.” Mr Hodgson.

  “B began playing football in the July of 2008 shortly after his seventh birthday. As the weeks past it became evident that he had a keen interest and was continuously striving to improve his skills albeit at such a young age. The coaching staff at the time seemed to recognise his talents and suggested he find a skills programme assist with his development and B was put in touch with a coach in South Tyneside. B continued to develop with this coach for the short period that he was attending the programme, however as he was training with much older children, the coach decided B would benefit greatly from coaching and training with his own age group and provided me with contact details of a coach who could offer B just that. I contacted and discussed the options with them. I took B along for a training session, the last of the season, afterwards the team invited B back to the Academy. B has attended Academy for one year now and he can’t get enough, he really enjoys it. Academy has improved B in all aspects of football, both on and off the pitch. I have witnessed marked improvements in not only skills, first touch and movement, but more importantly, in attitude. B has passed level one of the skills programme and has almost completed level two. He is making fantastic progress and even made some contributions to gaining level three. I attribute B’s continuing success to Academy and the coaching received. Since B has attended he has matured and encompassing all of the above B has become a more versatile player and is currently on trials with Hartlepool United Academy under 10’s. I could not recommend the Academy enough to anyone. It really is the world at your feet.” Mr Price

  My son joined soccer20 not having had the best of introductions to junior club football. His confidence was low and he was unsure if if wanted to continue to play the game. After a handful of soccer20 sessions the turnaround was amazing. His enthusiasm for football was back, thanks to the engaging way in which the sessions were delivered, fun being the number one priority!!! He now plays football with a smile on his face and his touch and technical ability on the ball is something i can’t believe I am seeing after only a short period of time. Soccer20 is more than just football coaching, yes, it has and will continue to produce children with outstanding technical ability, but it delivers football as a sport to be enjoyed by all (regardless of ability)…..something that is lacking in the English game! Thanks soccer20

 Hello, I wanted to write an email to say “thank you” so much for making Christopher & David so welcome last night. From the very beginning in the reception area with Mrs Cole , my sons were made very welcome and she was so prepared she even knew my sons names .Everything was explained to them in a very clear caring way. I was so impressed with the welcoming environment, it made me relaxed too. Then we moved on to the playing courts where we were greeted by Anthony. He detected straight away that David my youngest, was very apprehensive and nervous. The skill he displayed in talking directly with David and Christopher using humour and knowing what boys at that age respond to was perfect. Anth noticed that David might not even make it onto the court he was so shy. Again he demonstrated great awareness ,and had the ability to talk to David, and persuaded him to show Anth some simple ball skills. I was so happy watching David practising and enjoying  the football skills the coaches were teaching. He glanced across two or three times and I gave him the thumbs up, and I knew David was in an environment he liked. The coaches Ant, Sam and Joe, Chris, were very good and heaped praise on all the youngsters with great emphasis on congratulating yourself and giving yourself a pat on the back. Christopher was with the big boys further away so I could not watch him, but he told me all about the skills he practiced when he got home. To conclude, it was a super night for all, and we are looking forward to coming back next week. Thank you so much. Andy  

Owen thoroughly enjoys coming to S20, it’s a great place to meet new people. Owen has growing up alot since playing with the team, football is now his favourite he loves showing off his skills he has learned and enjoys practicing. He loves to tell and show us at home how well he has played at his sessions.The team are great and are very supportive and helpful if needed. It’s great to have a club where the team have full dedication to the players and parents. Thanks


My son Joseph started Soccer 20 Academy in May 2015. He had previously been training at the Futsal partnership. Soon after starting, Joseph asked me if he could stop training with the aforementioned, and train twice a week with Soccer 20 Academy.
Joseph now trains twice a week at Soccer 20 and looks forward to Monday and Thursday nights, he loves the training, he says it’s more relevant to football, than other coaching sessions he has attended. Joseph says Soccer 20 players are trained when to use skills effectively, passing, receiving and offering is encouraged, so players become more aware of their surrounding on the pitch. Joseph believes due to his soccer 20 coaching, his decision making and stamina has vastly improved. I too have noticed this. I also put this down to the RPO training Soccer 20 offers.
Joseph enjoys the whole Soccer 20 experience from Walter who meets and greets all the players, and also knows them all by name. Anth, Sam, Joel and the rest of the coaching team keep the sessions technically challenging ,whist still have time for laugh and a joke with the kids. Most importantly Joseph always plays with a smile on his face whilst at Soccer 20. There is only one downside to Soccer 20 from Joseph’s point of view that it’s closed over the holidays.

Frank Cottam (6) He says, “I like soccer20 because I like learning all 20 skills”

max loves soccer 20 because the coaches make him laugh his little socks off. We love Soccer 20 because the coaches understand how to relate to young kids; there’s no aggression here, unlike other classes we’ve tried. The focus is on developing skill and having fun. So refreshing! Thank you Jen

Hi My son Fletcher who is 8 years old attends soccer 20 at cardinal Hume on the Thursday sessions 7-8pm. He has been attending the academy for nearly 2 years now and loves it. I just want to say you all do a fantastic job….. Fletcher enjoys going he has met a lot of new friends, the coaches are friendly approachable and very professional with the children. We love the fact that as well as group sessions each child has an individual session with their coach which helps to improve your child in so many ways! Fletchers skills and attitude have improved greatly from his sessions and he loves the games nights. The academy is very affordable and it’s great how there are different “packages” so that you can choose what’s right for your child. Any questions or queries I have as a parent have always been answered promptly, politely and efficiently! Great academy, highly recommend! In the words of our 8 year old “it’s mint” ! Kindest Regards Katie & Stephen Coxon (proud parents)

Alex age 7

He loves S20 as he learns something new every week, it has really brought him along in he’s football which he plays on  Saturday morning,

He loves the coaching staff and said they are so friendly and helpful. The online part of S20 means training doesn’t stop on the pitch we can practice at home

And with his family which he really enjoys. Also a lot of his friends go and he has made some many new friend through S20 around a brilliant technical coaching school.

Many Thanks


Parent Testimonial

Our son Luke, like all of the other boys from his school who attend the excellent Soccer 20 Gateshead sessions each Monday night, looks forward all weekend to a session he describes consistently as “brilliant”.

Despite often freezing temperatures, the boys receive the warmest welcome from all of the coaches – and from Walter on the reception desk – as they are signed-in with impeccable efficiency and care.

The energy, humour and dynamism of the professional coaches is matched by the theory and structure behind each session with real emphasis on skills development, close control, movement off the ball and teamwork. Critical pastoral and social values and skills are also developed in the boys with an emphasis on communication, fair play, respect and teamwork. The coaches consistent praise for all of the boys in noticeable and hugely impressive.

Luke’s all round play, his confidence with and without the ball, his intelligence and movement on the pitch, and his appreciation of others and the importance of teamwork have all improved enormously.

The highlight of Luke’s week – and my proudest moment watching him develop from one Monday to the next



Leo age 7.

I love Soccer20 because you get to make new friends and see them every week.

And you get lots of exercise when training.

I like learning new skills and then playing football at then end of the training sessions.

Its also good to have Walter on the front desk signing us in with a smile.

Thank you everyone at Soccer20.

Ethan loves soccer20 because he feels it teaches him new skills every week. He also feels more confident on the ball and he likes that he is encouraged to try new things. 

Peter Riley

Ethan Riley

I like soccer20 as it helps develop my sons game play, learns him to listen to instructions, interact through answering questions about the game play i.e learn a skill and when and why you do certain moves. Friendly environment and most of all fun. The soccer20 team are excellent at what they do and make learning fun and break down moves so they are easy to understand but most of all it learns them to have respect for other players and staff..Excellent staff and environment, thanks to all the coaches. Shaun loves soccer 20 as the coaches make it fun and constantly praise him which gives him the enthusiasm to work hard for himself and team mates…paul lothian

Max loves soccer20 skills on a Thursday. He loves the challenge of playing with the older kids and learning skills. He plays in a team on a Saturday, and along with the other 3 kids who attend soccar20, his football abilities have grown much better since coming to Soccer 20.

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Success comes in cans, not can’ts!

Taken from a website –

Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. The result of a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Children and adults with autism typically have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities.

Unique Challenges for a child with Autism:

  • Insistence on sameness; resistance to change; difficulty with transitions
  • Difficulty in expressing needs; uses gestures or pointing instead of words
  • Tantrums
  • Difficult in mixing with others
  • Possible aversions to touch (i.e. coach or players) or textures (i.e. grass)
  • Unresponsive to normal teaching methods: strong visual learners
  • Noticeable physical over-activity or extreme under-activity
  • Uneven gross/fine motor skills
  • Not responsive to verbal cues; acts as if deaf although hearing tests in normal range.


My son Liam has Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) / Asperger’s Syndrome and sensory processing issues (touch and smell) and most of the above challenges apply to Liam.  ASD is a hidden disability, Liam looks like any other 11 year old boy consequently people find it hard to understand his issues.  Academically Liam is of normal age range, however social and communication wise he would be around the age of 5.  This kind of puts his issues into context and enables you to appreciate how vulnerable this makes him on so many levels. 

Liam can have meltdowns which are in keeping with his diagnosis not his age; they happen because he can’t cope with the situation, he feels overwhelmed and that everything is out of his control. He will scream, shout and make a fuss, very much like a younger child having a temper tantrum.  People by standing often think this behaviour is unacceptable for a boy his age; this in fact this is part of his condition and we try very hard to give him coping strategies to keep these to a minimum.   As we discussed – at football training sessions Liam’s dad will keep an eye on him attempting to pre-empt things before they happen in the hope that things go well.  We are very aware that you are working with lots of boys and have to accommodate everyone, which is a task in itself – The fact that you are willing to support Liam be part of the training sessions speaks volumes.  

Ideas that will help –

  • Liam takes things very literal i.e. ‘eyes at the back of my head’ or ‘keep your eye on the ball’ will confuse him. He does not get sarcasm.
  • We find that if we need to tell Liam off it best to do it in the moment so he is aware of what he is doing wrong. It is also useful to use his name so he knows you are addressing him.
  • We find that short sentences help him understand what you are saying; lots of words or big explanations will confuse him and he won’t hear all of what you are saying.
  • It helps to give Liam simple clear instructions for example – Stop Liam and listen to me.
  • Liam will give fleeting eye contact which means he often misses social cues like when it’s his turn to speak or when he needs to be quiet.

Liam really enjoyed the session on Thursday, he liked the structure.  We are very grateful that you are willing to gain awareness of how Liam’s Autism affects him to enable him to enjoy the training as much as possible alongside the other boys.  

Research indicates that individuals who suffer with ASD don’t often lie; they are very honest and will tell it how it is (sometimes to the point of appearing rude).  With this in mind Liam will say inappropriate things for example ‘I don’t like your smell’, but he does not mean to offend, if he thinks someone has done something wrong he will say and he will also say if he is in the wrong.  He is very vocal as you may have already gathered; he talks loud and often over people, he talks to his peers as if he is an adult.   These behaviours often results in his peers seeing him as odd.  The fact that your sessions are structured and your coaches adopt a style of training whereby they spend all the session with the boys enabled Liam to focus on what he should be doing.  Thank you for giving Liam the opportunity to attend the Thursday sessions.